My Philosophy is based on the recognition that every child is a unique individual. My main goal and priority is to provide your children with a safe, happy and healthy environment. I want your child to feel comfortable while at our center. I understand that leaving your child in someone else’s care is a hard yet sometimes necessary decision. I hope to provide this transition as smoothly as possible and to assure you that your child is having the best possible care outside the home.
Butterscotch Castle will be a positive stepping-stone for your child. We hope to provide some foundation for the school years to come. We will always support, encourage and nurture your child to help develop to their full potential.
Our program helps promote social, physical and emotional skills with hands-on and age appropriate activities. We will provide your child with many new learning skills and opportunities. We strive to provide a structured environment with a fun atmosphere.
Our objective is to encourage each child’s development of a positive self- image and a sense of personal worth in an environment of trust, respect and cooperation. Our focus is for children to gain success in the following areas:
Beginning at birth and continuing through the stages of development, we assist children to become independent and able to soothe and direct their own actions.
-Communication and Learning
Through our activities, both staff directed and self-motivated, we encourage the children to express their needs and personalities and offer opportunities for active, hands on learning experiences.
-Making Friends and Getting Along with Peers
We offer opportunities for children to grow in relationships by modeling and facilitating healthy interactions.

Parents are an integral part of our program. Communications and participation are welcome. I believe that a positive, inter-active relationship between the staff and parents is vital to the maintenance of a quality program for the children

Our Staff

About Our Staff

Our caring staff members
meet or exceed the state
     early childhood requirements.      ​Staff are screened,
CPR and First Aid Certified. 

Our staff also continue their education and training with
annual Professional
Development hours. 
 Assistant Teachers Ms. Jessie & Ms. Clara, Owner/ Center Director Nikki Seeley,  Assistant Teacher Ms. Madison & 
Preschool Teacher Ms.Ashley.